Server address

dynmap : or port 8123
server information : or port 19999




  1. The server is scheduled to be automatically restarted everyday.
  2. TNT blocks are disabled for protects against anti-cheating and trolling.
  3. Auto-saving processes run every 15 mins.
  4. Lockette is implemented for the sake of protecting each users' items.
  5. Implemented Plugins : AutoSaveWorld, ChopTree 4, CoreProtect, DeathChest, FoundBoxx, Harvest, Holograms, Homes, Lockette, MCBans, NametagEdit, NoCheatPlus, SimpleSort, SleepDay, Stats, WorldGuard, XrayInformer, dynmap, etc.

The plan is being considered that only users verified on website can edit worlds, for protecting them from trolls by malicious users.